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SyBic Australia Pty Ltd

With many years of experience in industrial water treatment equipment design and manufacturing, SyBic is a qualified provider of different types of standard plants. Our standard plant can be modified and customised to meet your process water requirements such as quality, performance, size, materials, operation, lifespan, design flexibility and budget limit. 
We design, make and service:


Cartridge Filter

Carbon Filter

Metal Filter

Particle Strainer

Bag Filter

Sand Filter

Multimedia Filter


Organic Scavanger

Cation Deioniser


Anion Deioniser

Cation Polisher

Mixed Bed Deioniser



Ultra Violet Steriliser

Nanofiltration Membrane System

Microfiltration Membrane System

Ultrafiltration Membrane System

Reverse Osmosis Membrane System

Not sure what you need?


 Contact us today on 1300 852 456, we can help you out with our simple and experienced water treatment solutions.

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